Saturday, July 18, 2009

49 questions

i thought this could be a good way to remember some of my likes and info at this time of my life also so others can get to know me. i got this off my sisters blog

1. do you like blue cheese? yes, good on salad and cheese burgers
2. what are your favorite shoes? vans or any shoe like them
3. do you own a gun? yes.
4. what is your favorite song? fade to black by metallica
5. do you get nervous before a doctors appointment? depends on what the doc is going to do like the bad parts of a physical
6. what do you think of hot dogs? some good some bad but all are good with sour kraut
and mustard
7. your favorite Christmas song? anything trans Siberian orchestra they rock
8. what do you prefer to drink in the morning? i don't know it depends on if i need to wake up
or not
9. can you do push ups? yes but only a few i would like to be able to do more
10. are you afraid of flying? no i like the rush though
11. whats your favorite piece of jewelry? don't wear much but i do like a nice watch
12. what is your favorite hobby? right now riding my motorcycle
13. do you love animals or hate them? i like them from a distance. i don't want to take care of
14. do you have ADD? no
15. what do you hate about yourself? i need to loose like 75 lbs.
16. what is your middle name? don
17. three thoughts on my mind right now? how am i going to get it all done. am i ever gong to
get out of debt and what can i do to help Natalie with her heath
18. what is your favorite number? 7 my birthday and it looks cool
19. 3 drinks you drink regularly? Dr pepper, cherry Pepsi and Slurpee's
20. your current worry right now? getting out of debt.
21. your current hate worry right now? not having enough money
22. favorite place to be? at home taking a fiver
23. how did you ring in the new year? time flies i cannot remember that far back.
24. where would you like to go? the girls want to go to Disney land and i would like to take them
25. name three people who will complete this? i don't know
26. do you own slippers? no
27. what color shirt are you wearing? black
28. do you sleep on satin sheets? i am not the woman i don't know she picks and and long as
as she is in the sheets i like them
29. can you whistle? yes many different ways as well
30. what is your favorite color? i like red, blue, black and silver
31. would you ever be a pirate? yes because because they talk cool.
32. what song do you sing in the shower? what ever comes to mind
33. what is your favorite girls name? Kirsten, whittnee and bean
35. what is in your pocket? wallet, cell phone, ya know the usual.
34 what is your favorite boy name? i only like girls
36. the last thing that made you laugh? some good one liners in the movie harry
potter and the half blood prince
37. best bed sheets you had as a child? cannot remember the sheets but mom did make me
a quilt with a transformer on it that was cool
38. worst injury you ever had? bruised from arm pit to knee from atv wreck
39. how many t.v. do you have? one
40. who is your loudest Friend? Ryan
41. how many dogs do you have? none don't want to clean there poop
42. does someone have a crush on you? yes because i am a sexy beast
43. what is you favorite book? one that does not put me to sleep
44. do you party hard or lay low? i try to party hard
45. what is your favorite candy? Reese's peanut butter cups
46. what is your favorite sports team? any thing that is scary or fast.
47. what were you doing at 12 am last night? wishing i was do'in my favorite thing
48.what was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? dam i have to go to work again
49. if your married how did you meet your spouse? at school and at Costco working together

Friday, July 17, 2009

lions and deer and pavment oh my

so last saturday mike and i went on a motorcycle cruze. we took 13TH east down and over south mountain. then from there we went over the alpine loop in american fork canyon. this puts you down in to the provo canyon. we then took the the road up the rest of the provo canyon and stopped in heber to use the rest room. mike wanted to ride from there up to strawberry res. i thought that was a good idea that way we could go on a road we have not been over before. we also decided that we should go further than that. so we road up daniels canyon by strawberry and on to duchane. we stopped there for some dinner. i got a steak and potato. always a good dinner out on the road. we from there we decided to take the route that would take us over wolf creek pass and into kamas. so we stared down that road. well we got to hanna which is the last town before you go over the mountain. it was dark about this time. we started over the mountain. on just the first few miles we were seen tons of deer. and i was geting worried about just how many deer we were seeing so i was really watching. we a little while longer about 150 feet infront of us an animal jumped out in the road bigger than a dog with a long tail. as we got closer i realized it was a mountain lion that we were passing. my heart droped in to my butt. crazy that is only the second lion i have seen in the wild. any way we continued on and saw tons more deer but it turned out to be a great ride about 250 miles. so that is my little fun story for last week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

work, rain, work more, rain more, and more work

so it has been a long while since i had the chance to write anything down that has happened or gone through my mind. first off we have been getting a ton of rain lately. i cannot remember a time in my life that it has rained this many days in a row here in Utah. it reminds me of my mission in Portland Oregon. i of coarse got rained on there a ton. it is good and bad having all this rain. for one my lawn looks great. also our garden is growing as opposed to years past where it was dead by now. we may get some veggies yet. the bad is i have not been able to really ride the motorcycle. so i am a little home sick for that. also there has been some flooding in some places. i feel bad for those who have been flooded. also i have not been able to do much out side. Ryan and i have been trying to get out and walk to get into better shape but the rain has been killing that.

so Natalie's sister Kim just got married. and my mother in law decided to help with the bills she would turn her basement in to an apartment. so i have been spending my free nights at her house working to get the apartment done. so it is off to work during the day and work on her house at night getting to bed somewhere between 12am and 1am so the lack of sleep is starting to show. also my mom has decided to turn her basement into and apartment. i so think my summer has been spent and spoken for. oh well we have been down on the funds lately for any type of vacation so i guess it is good to have something to do.

well for the most part the family is doing good. the kids are good and growing. Kirsten finished 2ND grade and is happy to be home helping Natalie. Natalie has been having good days. and i am happy for the most part. work seems to be picking up again and that always makes me feel better. it is hard trying to provide when there is not a lot of money going around.

Monday, May 11, 2009

bean loves the open air.

it seems like i cannot get my bike out or come home from work and relax with out giving bean a ride on the bike she loves it. it is to bad she is not a little older so i could take her out on the open road.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

gone they are gone.

Natalie and i are trying to get out of debt and we decided that we needed to take some action. we decided to sell the quads. they are now all gone. it took us a few weeks to get them sold but we did it and we were able to take a nice chunk out of our debt. it is a little sad but i am excited to start the new chapter in life. i think some day we will get new ATVs but it will be down the road some.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ready, Set, BURN

so i got a new tire for my motorcycle thanks to my boss. I guess the best thing to do is give the old one a good burn out.

so first you get ready, rev up the motor and dump the cluch.

so with the ingredients of pavement, rubber, friction and heat we get our treat.


and the smell of burnt rubber

anyone who loves things that have motors, wheels and goes fast. loves the sight and smells of spinning tires.

smoke, smoke and more smoke

so as you can see i have a smoking problem and i love it.

so here it is all at once

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

spring means time to ride

so jenny asked me to help out last weekend at their new place up north. so long ride + canyon+good weather = bike ride. so we took a ride up there and had a lot of fun. we also we over the border into Idaho.

it was tons of fun thanks jen for the chance to help out it made for a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a little of everything these last few days.

i am sorry that i have not written in a long time. i have no excesses only laziness. it feels like i have done a little of everything this last few weeks. last weekend was general conference. a lot of great talks. i always feel good about the words we get from the first presidency and the 12. we did our usual over niter at my mom and dad's house. we ate pizza and junk. watched movies and had fun with those that were there. on Sunday after the first session we went to Natalie's uncle tom's house and they did crafts while i watched the second session and visited. so good restful weekend until about ten o clock Sunday night when i get a SOS call from by brother in law Jeff. "help me i am stuck in the mud to the frame in my truck and cannot get out." he said. so i call my brother Aaron and we get some gear together and go out to try and get him unstuck. he was stuck in the mud about 100 yards of shore in the great salt lake. "what the hell were you doing Jeff" i said. anyway we got to pulling on his truck and no luck our truck just does not have the power we need. so we call a tow truck. while we are waiting i figure we should just keep trying. so i have the idea to go start to dig out the tires and lucky for us Aaron had some four by fours in the truck so we stick this wood under the tires we pull on the truck with Aaron's truck and tell Megan who is driving Jeff's truck to give it some gas. we get it out. lucky for us. so we called off the tow truck. then on the way home we start to hear a noise coming from Aaron's truck and we start to think the night will never end. we get home OK but i am going to have to help Aaron now figure out his own truck. we i then get to bed around 2 in the morning.

with the economy slow it has keep the commissions down. we are OK and making it by but it has really opened Natalie's and my eyes to just how poor we are at managing our money. we have decided we really need to put in a good effort to get out of debt. i mean we would be so much better off if we had no debt. also Natalie may need to do surgery for her condition an if that is so then i really need to make a move on our money problems. what to do though there is so many opinions out there. i feel like we really don't just blow money but it seems to always be in short supply right now. we just need to make cutbacks in our life just like they do in business. it will be hard on the kids but i think they get it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Natalie Reimann

So last Saturday Natalie and I went with my mom and dad to the temple. we use to go every third Saturday as a family. though life throws curve balls sometimes and one thing led to another and the family has not been keeping up on the tradition. We are starting over though and we are off to a good start. Anyway while we were doing a session i looked over at Natalie and she was crying at the end. she told me she felt very close to the person she was going through for. While in the celestial room i started pondering over the last year. i have not been the best at building the spiritual foundation my family needs. not that we were being wicked but just not growing well. we had a great moment with Kirsten's baptism but thinking about it, Natalie is the one who has really turned up the heat getting us ready for Kirsten's baptism. she has us doing family home evening, reading scriptures and saying family prayers. she does this with a bad condition causing pain in her body all the time. so Natalie i just want to let you know how much i love you and how grateful i am the lord has blessed me with such a great companion. you make this family great. our girls are prof of all the hard work you put in. thanks thanks thanks.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kirsten's baptism

Kirsten had her baptism last Saturday the 7Th. we started the day slow. we just rested got the house clean and i spent some time with Kirsten reading some scripture. of coarse there is always something out there to try and stop all good spiritual experiences. right before we left to go to the baptism whitnee started throwing up. we got it all out of whitnee and gave her a blessing and headed over to the church. the service was great and very spiritual the tears started on the opening hymn. we got Kirsten baptized on the first dip and everyone did great on there parts of the program. i think Kirsten really got a good taste of the spirit. after the service we went over to sizzler for dinner. all the family came and we ate and ate. after dinner we went home and of coarse whitnee threw up all her dinner. the good thing is her blessing worked she was fine through the whole baptism. yesterday Kirsten got to stand in front of the congregation and be recognized. the rest of the Sunday we got to spent with my parents and we got some good rest in.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Keeping the cool

It is the day before Kirsten's baptism. i am trying hard to keep myself in a good state i need to keep the swears down and listen to good music. i am at work and i tried the classical thing once and almost dropped a truck on my head. also mechanic and truck drives. how does one keep the swears down in that kind of environment. then tonight we are going to have a bunch of girls over for a sleepover. good news i did take some aggression out on my xbox last night so i am doing good. so breath in and breath out. i am so happy that Kirsten is growing up to be such a good person. i am proud of her. keep making the good choices Kirsten and you will do well in life.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

just a few more days

so last night i took Kirsten to a fireside type thing for her primary class and the kids going to be baptized this year. can you believe we have had her for eight years. i am feeling the sense of pride a father has when his children do good. she is so excited about getting baptized. she talks about how she needs to help more around the house and not telling lies. we have been been getting ready for it and i am exited

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

family trip to the coast

i have a good friend Jeff, who lives in Washington. we have always said we wanted to come up and see him there. gas prices got so low we could not say no. so we took some time to go. we decided to go over new years due to i had some time off and the girls were out of school. we left on Tuesday night after work. we stopped in at Boise id. that first night. to rewind a little it seemed like everything was trying to keep us from going. Natalie was not feeling well. i threw up the night before and on the road that night bean threw up twice. any way we got to Boise and stayed at a super 8. Kirsten was so excited about staying in a motel she said the shower was nice and wanted to take another. we left after waking up the next morning which was the 31st. we drove from Boise to Seattle. it was a nice but long drive. we did run into snow for the last 100 miles. that slowed us down a bit. once in Seattle we were looking for Jeff's house and we took a wrong turn. i had to flip a u turn and we pulled onto another street checking the GPS. we some dude come pulling up yelling he told me to learn how to drive with a few colorful four letter words. i just blew it off but i should have got out of the car and asked him to come out and show me what i did wrong. any way we got to Jeff's and we had a new years eve party with some of there Friends. we played wii bowling and listened to music had food and some had some drink. we ended the party with some fire works. the next day we got up an took the kids bowling and we went to visit there cabala's. then on the 2ND we took the kids to the ocean and we put in Jeff's crabbing gear. we also went to a candy shop in the small town we were in. we did not catch any crab but it was fun go. then on Saturday our last day there Natalie was not feeling as well as she wanted so we spent the morning resting. we then packed up the kids and went to down town Seattle and had dinner on the bay. we then rode the ferry across the bay. it was the biggest boat i have ever been on. it was a lot of fun. oh ya and Jeff took me to see his work and a few other sites that mourning. then Sunday we made the long drive home. 12 hours in the car. hell on earth. the trip was fun and i hope we can go again soon.