Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching up again

well it has been a long while since i felt like i had some time to write down the thoughts and or things going on in my life right now. things are going well for the most part. Natalie feels good. in fact a few days ago we went to a move together and she sat through the whole thing. that was nice because her condition sure made it hard for us to go on dates. and i am really excited because we have our eighth anniversary coming up in a week and a half. we are going to make it a long over due weekend together. so i am exited for that. the kids are well all of them are growing fast.

i have also been spending lots of time in the yard getting it together. i think i am personally trying to keep the home depot by my house in business. it is looking good i hope to start posing some pics so you all can see.

so a few weeks ago i bought a motor cycle i can give you all the gas saving reasons i bought a bike but when it boils down to it it is just something i wanted for pure fun. Natalie and i went on a Sunday cruse last Sunday. i felt bad ass like the biker who had his hot babe on the back. king of the road. it was fun. i cannot Waite for warmer weather and less snow so Natalie and i can go on that Saturday picnic up in the mountains together.

as for everything else not much to report just a lot of work and eating and sleeping. with play when we can get it in.