Friday, July 17, 2009

lions and deer and pavment oh my

so last saturday mike and i went on a motorcycle cruze. we took 13TH east down and over south mountain. then from there we went over the alpine loop in american fork canyon. this puts you down in to the provo canyon. we then took the the road up the rest of the provo canyon and stopped in heber to use the rest room. mike wanted to ride from there up to strawberry res. i thought that was a good idea that way we could go on a road we have not been over before. we also decided that we should go further than that. so we road up daniels canyon by strawberry and on to duchane. we stopped there for some dinner. i got a steak and potato. always a good dinner out on the road. we from there we decided to take the route that would take us over wolf creek pass and into kamas. so we stared down that road. well we got to hanna which is the last town before you go over the mountain. it was dark about this time. we started over the mountain. on just the first few miles we were seen tons of deer. and i was geting worried about just how many deer we were seeing so i was really watching. we a little while longer about 150 feet infront of us an animal jumped out in the road bigger than a dog with a long tail. as we got closer i realized it was a mountain lion that we were passing. my heart droped in to my butt. crazy that is only the second lion i have seen in the wild. any way we continued on and saw tons more deer but it turned out to be a great ride about 250 miles. so that is my little fun story for last week.

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