Monday, February 9, 2009

Kirsten's baptism

Kirsten had her baptism last Saturday the 7Th. we started the day slow. we just rested got the house clean and i spent some time with Kirsten reading some scripture. of coarse there is always something out there to try and stop all good spiritual experiences. right before we left to go to the baptism whitnee started throwing up. we got it all out of whitnee and gave her a blessing and headed over to the church. the service was great and very spiritual the tears started on the opening hymn. we got Kirsten baptized on the first dip and everyone did great on there parts of the program. i think Kirsten really got a good taste of the spirit. after the service we went over to sizzler for dinner. all the family came and we ate and ate. after dinner we went home and of coarse whitnee threw up all her dinner. the good thing is her blessing worked she was fine through the whole baptism. yesterday Kirsten got to stand in front of the congregation and be recognized. the rest of the Sunday we got to spent with my parents and we got some good rest in.

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Jenny said...

It WAS a really good meeting. I was sobbing for most of it. We are so proud of our little Kirsten. You have raised a beautiful daughter. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.