Thursday, January 22, 2009

just a few more days

so last night i took Kirsten to a fireside type thing for her primary class and the kids going to be baptized this year. can you believe we have had her for eight years. i am feeling the sense of pride a father has when his children do good. she is so excited about getting baptized. she talks about how she needs to help more around the house and not telling lies. we have been been getting ready for it and i am exited

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

family trip to the coast

i have a good friend Jeff, who lives in Washington. we have always said we wanted to come up and see him there. gas prices got so low we could not say no. so we took some time to go. we decided to go over new years due to i had some time off and the girls were out of school. we left on Tuesday night after work. we stopped in at Boise id. that first night. to rewind a little it seemed like everything was trying to keep us from going. Natalie was not feeling well. i threw up the night before and on the road that night bean threw up twice. any way we got to Boise and stayed at a super 8. Kirsten was so excited about staying in a motel she said the shower was nice and wanted to take another. we left after waking up the next morning which was the 31st. we drove from Boise to Seattle. it was a nice but long drive. we did run into snow for the last 100 miles. that slowed us down a bit. once in Seattle we were looking for Jeff's house and we took a wrong turn. i had to flip a u turn and we pulled onto another street checking the GPS. we some dude come pulling up yelling he told me to learn how to drive with a few colorful four letter words. i just blew it off but i should have got out of the car and asked him to come out and show me what i did wrong. any way we got to Jeff's and we had a new years eve party with some of there Friends. we played wii bowling and listened to music had food and some had some drink. we ended the party with some fire works. the next day we got up an took the kids bowling and we went to visit there cabala's. then on the 2ND we took the kids to the ocean and we put in Jeff's crabbing gear. we also went to a candy shop in the small town we were in. we did not catch any crab but it was fun go. then on Saturday our last day there Natalie was not feeling as well as she wanted so we spent the morning resting. we then packed up the kids and went to down town Seattle and had dinner on the bay. we then rode the ferry across the bay. it was the biggest boat i have ever been on. it was a lot of fun. oh ya and Jeff took me to see his work and a few other sites that mourning. then Sunday we made the long drive home. 12 hours in the car. hell on earth. the trip was fun and i hope we can go again soon.