Friday, February 27, 2009

Natalie Reimann

So last Saturday Natalie and I went with my mom and dad to the temple. we use to go every third Saturday as a family. though life throws curve balls sometimes and one thing led to another and the family has not been keeping up on the tradition. We are starting over though and we are off to a good start. Anyway while we were doing a session i looked over at Natalie and she was crying at the end. she told me she felt very close to the person she was going through for. While in the celestial room i started pondering over the last year. i have not been the best at building the spiritual foundation my family needs. not that we were being wicked but just not growing well. we had a great moment with Kirsten's baptism but thinking about it, Natalie is the one who has really turned up the heat getting us ready for Kirsten's baptism. she has us doing family home evening, reading scriptures and saying family prayers. she does this with a bad condition causing pain in her body all the time. so Natalie i just want to let you know how much i love you and how grateful i am the lord has blessed me with such a great companion. you make this family great. our girls are prof of all the hard work you put in. thanks thanks thanks.


Jenny said...

What a sweet tribute to your sweet Natalie. It is a good thing men have their wives to drag their butts to the C-Kingdom.

Steven & Becky Heumann said...

Well put Jenny. I do the "dragging" here too. :)

Eric Reimann said...

thats why it is not good for man to be alone.