Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a little of everything these last few days.

i am sorry that i have not written in a long time. i have no excesses only laziness. it feels like i have done a little of everything this last few weeks. last weekend was general conference. a lot of great talks. i always feel good about the words we get from the first presidency and the 12. we did our usual over niter at my mom and dad's house. we ate pizza and junk. watched movies and had fun with those that were there. on Sunday after the first session we went to Natalie's uncle tom's house and they did crafts while i watched the second session and visited. so good restful weekend until about ten o clock Sunday night when i get a SOS call from by brother in law Jeff. "help me i am stuck in the mud to the frame in my truck and cannot get out." he said. so i call my brother Aaron and we get some gear together and go out to try and get him unstuck. he was stuck in the mud about 100 yards of shore in the great salt lake. "what the hell were you doing Jeff" i said. anyway we got to pulling on his truck and no luck our truck just does not have the power we need. so we call a tow truck. while we are waiting i figure we should just keep trying. so i have the idea to go start to dig out the tires and lucky for us Aaron had some four by fours in the truck so we stick this wood under the tires we pull on the truck with Aaron's truck and tell Megan who is driving Jeff's truck to give it some gas. we get it out. lucky for us. so we called off the tow truck. then on the way home we start to hear a noise coming from Aaron's truck and we start to think the night will never end. we get home OK but i am going to have to help Aaron now figure out his own truck. we i then get to bed around 2 in the morning.

with the economy slow it has keep the commissions down. we are OK and making it by but it has really opened Natalie's and my eyes to just how poor we are at managing our money. we have decided we really need to put in a good effort to get out of debt. i mean we would be so much better off if we had no debt. also Natalie may need to do surgery for her condition an if that is so then i really need to make a move on our money problems. what to do though there is so many opinions out there. i feel like we really don't just blow money but it seems to always be in short supply right now. we just need to make cutbacks in our life just like they do in business. it will be hard on the kids but i think they get it.

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Jenny said...

Mom's was fun. I love her sleep over. Sorry to hear about Natalie. I hope things work out.