Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ready, Set, BURN

so i got a new tire for my motorcycle thanks to my boss. I guess the best thing to do is give the old one a good burn out.

so first you get ready, rev up the motor and dump the cluch.

so with the ingredients of pavement, rubber, friction and heat we get our treat.


and the smell of burnt rubber

anyone who loves things that have motors, wheels and goes fast. loves the sight and smells of spinning tires.

smoke, smoke and more smoke

so as you can see i have a smoking problem and i love it.

so here it is all at once


Jenny said...

There is a reason I am not a boy...testosterone is so strange. Burning rubber makes my throat tighten and my stomach nauseated. The male species is so WEIRD. I am sure all your man friends were standing by drooling over the sights and sounds. Right??

Michael Johnson said...

Maybe we were standing around drooling... someone had to take the pictures and video! ;)