Saturday, July 18, 2009

49 questions

i thought this could be a good way to remember some of my likes and info at this time of my life also so others can get to know me. i got this off my sisters blog

1. do you like blue cheese? yes, good on salad and cheese burgers
2. what are your favorite shoes? vans or any shoe like them
3. do you own a gun? yes.
4. what is your favorite song? fade to black by metallica
5. do you get nervous before a doctors appointment? depends on what the doc is going to do like the bad parts of a physical
6. what do you think of hot dogs? some good some bad but all are good with sour kraut
and mustard
7. your favorite Christmas song? anything trans Siberian orchestra they rock
8. what do you prefer to drink in the morning? i don't know it depends on if i need to wake up
or not
9. can you do push ups? yes but only a few i would like to be able to do more
10. are you afraid of flying? no i like the rush though
11. whats your favorite piece of jewelry? don't wear much but i do like a nice watch
12. what is your favorite hobby? right now riding my motorcycle
13. do you love animals or hate them? i like them from a distance. i don't want to take care of
14. do you have ADD? no
15. what do you hate about yourself? i need to loose like 75 lbs.
16. what is your middle name? don
17. three thoughts on my mind right now? how am i going to get it all done. am i ever gong to
get out of debt and what can i do to help Natalie with her heath
18. what is your favorite number? 7 my birthday and it looks cool
19. 3 drinks you drink regularly? Dr pepper, cherry Pepsi and Slurpee's
20. your current worry right now? getting out of debt.
21. your current hate worry right now? not having enough money
22. favorite place to be? at home taking a fiver
23. how did you ring in the new year? time flies i cannot remember that far back.
24. where would you like to go? the girls want to go to Disney land and i would like to take them
25. name three people who will complete this? i don't know
26. do you own slippers? no
27. what color shirt are you wearing? black
28. do you sleep on satin sheets? i am not the woman i don't know she picks and and long as
as she is in the sheets i like them
29. can you whistle? yes many different ways as well
30. what is your favorite color? i like red, blue, black and silver
31. would you ever be a pirate? yes because because they talk cool.
32. what song do you sing in the shower? what ever comes to mind
33. what is your favorite girls name? Kirsten, whittnee and bean
35. what is in your pocket? wallet, cell phone, ya know the usual.
34 what is your favorite boy name? i only like girls
36. the last thing that made you laugh? some good one liners in the movie harry
potter and the half blood prince
37. best bed sheets you had as a child? cannot remember the sheets but mom did make me
a quilt with a transformer on it that was cool
38. worst injury you ever had? bruised from arm pit to knee from atv wreck
39. how many t.v. do you have? one
40. who is your loudest Friend? Ryan
41. how many dogs do you have? none don't want to clean there poop
42. does someone have a crush on you? yes because i am a sexy beast
43. what is you favorite book? one that does not put me to sleep
44. do you party hard or lay low? i try to party hard
45. what is your favorite candy? Reese's peanut butter cups
46. what is your favorite sports team? any thing that is scary or fast.
47. what were you doing at 12 am last night? wishing i was do'in my favorite thing
48.what was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? dam i have to go to work again
49. if your married how did you meet your spouse? at school and at Costco working together

Friday, July 17, 2009

lions and deer and pavment oh my

so last saturday mike and i went on a motorcycle cruze. we took 13TH east down and over south mountain. then from there we went over the alpine loop in american fork canyon. this puts you down in to the provo canyon. we then took the the road up the rest of the provo canyon and stopped in heber to use the rest room. mike wanted to ride from there up to strawberry res. i thought that was a good idea that way we could go on a road we have not been over before. we also decided that we should go further than that. so we road up daniels canyon by strawberry and on to duchane. we stopped there for some dinner. i got a steak and potato. always a good dinner out on the road. we from there we decided to take the route that would take us over wolf creek pass and into kamas. so we stared down that road. well we got to hanna which is the last town before you go over the mountain. it was dark about this time. we started over the mountain. on just the first few miles we were seen tons of deer. and i was geting worried about just how many deer we were seeing so i was really watching. we a little while longer about 150 feet infront of us an animal jumped out in the road bigger than a dog with a long tail. as we got closer i realized it was a mountain lion that we were passing. my heart droped in to my butt. crazy that is only the second lion i have seen in the wild. any way we continued on and saw tons more deer but it turned out to be a great ride about 250 miles. so that is my little fun story for last week.