Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was going to write about this last week.

last week was one of those weeks that had the possibility of being a bad one but turned out to be a great week. first off Natalie's medical condition has been bothering her. bad enough that she wanted to see her doctor. that is a miracle in it self because she hates to spend money on her health she said it costs to much. we went in thinking it could be a big problem. well come to find out that Natalie's colon is actually doing much better just one trouble spot. the doc put her on a few booster meds and i think she will get better. then i had to go to the dentist. first off it was nice because the sun was out and i rode the motorcycle. i had not taken the bike out for a long time and it quite nice to be on the road again. then i got in the chair to get work done so i have a few cavities and 2 broken teeth with the possibility of root canal. so he starts to work and we find out he can crown them with out the root canal. money saved i more good news. then last Saturday mike and i decided to take the bikes out again. it was great but i did get cold. i think i want to take it out more but i need better gear.

also last week bean turned 3 years old. it was sure fun to watch her open gifts and eat cake. i love watching her grow up. happy birthday bean

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra

so last night i took Natalie to the Trans Siberian orchestra concert for her birthday present. i got to tell ya it was probably the best concert i have been to. the music was great. i am a rocker at heart and to get a chance to hear some Christmas and classical music set the awesome electric guitar sound rocks. who says that us dirty rockers don't have class. it just goes to show that and electric guitar sound in a song does not instantly mean the devil is around. also the stage was awesome. lights, lasers, smoke, fire, fireworks it was all there. the stage lights would move around and it made the stage look alive. if nothing else i would have when for the stage. also nobody was smoking. very few people were drunk. i was also with my beautiful wife. she looked great. we also got to spend time with her brother Jeff and his wife Megan it is always fun to hang with them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

time to get back on track.

well it has been a few since i last had time to write anything down. a few days ago i got to go to the metallica concert. it was loud, crazy and fun as HELL. anyway we got done with work and Steven, Mike and Ryan and I took one car down and we found a place to park. we then walked to the mall next to the arena and got some grub. after the chow we went into the venue and the first two bands were OK. i think if i new the songs i may have liked them better i only know one song the first two bands played and i really could not get into it. then metallica came on. there stage was awesome. they had lasers and fire and smoke and great lights. very good and the song list was great they played a lot from the new album and i was a little surprised by that. but all the songs rocked. i was even able to yell, and sing, even though i was a little ill. it was worth the loss of my voice.

in other news Natalie's dad is an alcoholic and he was put in the hospital for alcohol poisoning well when they let him out he need a place to stay for a few days and i told Natalie no. but she really wanted to help her dad and i decided to let her help him on the condition that if he drinks he is not welcome in my home. well he did good for the first few days and the to make a long story short we caught him drinking. Natalie then kicked him out. it was very hard for her to do it but i am so proud that she stood up to him. it was very brave. love ya Natalie.

then there is Halloween. we had tons of fun taking the girls around for the fun. they came out like bandits they probably came out of there with five gallons of goodies. and there dad cannot be more happy. and it is all the good stuff.

more will come i will try to get it down.