Monday, January 28, 2008

more of the same

OK now i am sad. i just found out that my great aunt Joyce passed away last night as well. i hope they will continue to have the reunion birthday party for her. it was a party that i looked forward to every year. she had a good life and was the last of her brothers and sister on this earth. i am sure she is happy with all those waiting for her on the other side.

Happy and sad day.

Most probably already know, but our Prophet Gordon B Hinkly passed away yesterday. This news is sad because he was a great man and a strong leader of the church. he as done much that has helped the church grow. i know he got tons of new temples built and 3 million members joined in the 13 years as president. the happy deal is he is with his wife she passed away a few years ago. They were married for over sixty years that is awesome. i hope we all can learn from his great example and keep pressing forward.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

new boxes happy for me.

last Friday i got on satins truck(the snap on tool truck were you sell your soul for tools.) and he had a very nice, red, used, larger than mine, tool box. i asked the dumb question of how much. good price i thought then i asked him how much in trade will he give me and he rang out another great number then i asked him about my roll cart(the smaller more portable tool box) he gave me good numbers. so me being in need of more tool storage space. made the deal and i got two new boxes. it is like Christmas in January for those who just cannot get enough. i need to get some pics soon. so i have been spending some time trying to organize this new box to make it nice and neat.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Good weekend.

We had one of those plan Jane good week ends. we kicked the two oldest girls out of the house to go sledding with the aunts and uncles for an over nighter cabin sledding trip. so Natalie and got out and did some fun stop. sad for Natalie though it really put a toll on her back. any how we went out and used some of our Christmas gift cards. i went to the Menes big tall and fat store and found me some pants. i really need to go on a diet i went up a size to keep the comfort around the waste line. sad for me at this rate i will be sporting the hammer pants with dad very soon. no thanks. also jc penny had a close out on stuff so i got a few shirts. then we went to my favorite store Victoria secrets and Natalie got a few new bras. i tried to get her to buy some fun stuff with her gift card but no chance she said. oh well better luck next time for me. then we when to dinner. good food but we were dumb and went to the Mayan and with the auto expo in motion the crowds were large and we had a long wait and not so good seats. we also watch a few movies at home and had a good time. then we spend Sunday after noon at Natalie's dads place for dinner. he was sober and the event was great we visited and watch foot ball very nice. so all and all it was a good week end. our girls came home with report of a fun time with the aunts and uncles if they took pics i will try and get some on here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

To much stuff and no space.

I have been trying to get caught up on all my half finished projects for Natalie's sake. Right now i am finishing my fire place and repainting the front room. well we rent out our basement to may cousin and we have all of our stuff upstairs. I have been trying to rearrange our living room because i am tire of how it looks. but i get a few things moved into a place that works but that leaves me a few things that don't fit any wear. so what do you do. i would like to take over the whole house but the extra money is really nice. i guess we just need to do a large D.I. run. that would really clear some things up. i am sure we will figure it out somehow and get our front room back together. i have to have it done by the first for Kirstens birthday. i just got to keep pushing forward.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The pains of life.

I don't wish to complain but there are just a few pains of life that most of us have to deal with. Natalie and i went to a Fireside last night. The topic was setting a budget and getting out of debt. These have been goals of mine for the last few years. It is just hard for me to tighten the belt. I like my life style. Although to be free and happy i need to get out of all debt. so i am going to take what i learned last night and really try to apply it.

In other news we had to take Kennedy to the doc to see why she is still having symptoms. they would like to put in tube and take out part of her adenoids. this will help her ears drain more properly. I am glad we have the skills to do such things to help. The painful side is the cost of insurance as gone up and the coverage has gone down. This with other medical issues in my family make the above mentioned goal even harder. To me though family heath is aways more important than money. I am glad things have been going better for all the members of my family in the medical sense.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

history is a good idea

So my sister Jenny has been talking about her blog for a long time and my friend mike has had one for probably 4 years. i think it is important to have a family history. so i think i will give this a try. i actually have a journal staring in 97' but have been bad the last few years to write anything down. i think this could be and easier way to get it done. now the key is doing it. we shall see.