Thursday, March 20, 2008

where has all the time gone.

i really want to add to this blog but it seems like there is no time to. i would like to give you some pics to look at but i seem to have to much to do. i guess the good thing is the only real time i have to waste on the Internet is at work. well no post mean no time to surf the net at work, which means more money made, which means i am paying the bills, which means Eric is happy.

nothing to big to report other than we have had some illness in the home. also whittnee bashed her head against the wall cutting her hear. that required stitches. she was pretty upset about having to get stitches but she is healing up great. i have spent some time on my truck project. i will try to make time to post some pics for those of you who may be interested in seeing the progress. i showed my dad the truck the other day and i got his approval on what i have done and i like it when dad likes what i am doing. Kennedy still loves her Binky and Kirsten got good marks on her last report card. Natalie has found out that her brother Jeff is going to get married and she has had fun getting to know Megan and done hair, you know practice for the wedding up due. spring is here which is good. i have started to clean the yard. i bought myself a new toy. i got a leaf blower. i am so tire of sweeping so hopefully this will speed things up. well that is it type ya soon.