Wednesday, June 17, 2009

work, rain, work more, rain more, and more work

so it has been a long while since i had the chance to write anything down that has happened or gone through my mind. first off we have been getting a ton of rain lately. i cannot remember a time in my life that it has rained this many days in a row here in Utah. it reminds me of my mission in Portland Oregon. i of coarse got rained on there a ton. it is good and bad having all this rain. for one my lawn looks great. also our garden is growing as opposed to years past where it was dead by now. we may get some veggies yet. the bad is i have not been able to really ride the motorcycle. so i am a little home sick for that. also there has been some flooding in some places. i feel bad for those who have been flooded. also i have not been able to do much out side. Ryan and i have been trying to get out and walk to get into better shape but the rain has been killing that.

so Natalie's sister Kim just got married. and my mother in law decided to help with the bills she would turn her basement in to an apartment. so i have been spending my free nights at her house working to get the apartment done. so it is off to work during the day and work on her house at night getting to bed somewhere between 12am and 1am so the lack of sleep is starting to show. also my mom has decided to turn her basement into and apartment. i so think my summer has been spent and spoken for. oh well we have been down on the funds lately for any type of vacation so i guess it is good to have something to do.

well for the most part the family is doing good. the kids are good and growing. Kirsten finished 2ND grade and is happy to be home helping Natalie. Natalie has been having good days. and i am happy for the most part. work seems to be picking up again and that always makes me feel better. it is hard trying to provide when there is not a lot of money going around.

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Keli said...

Hey Eric!!! I loved reading your blog.. What precious girls you have.. I can't wait to read more!!!