Saturday, January 19, 2008

To much stuff and no space.

I have been trying to get caught up on all my half finished projects for Natalie's sake. Right now i am finishing my fire place and repainting the front room. well we rent out our basement to may cousin and we have all of our stuff upstairs. I have been trying to rearrange our living room because i am tire of how it looks. but i get a few things moved into a place that works but that leaves me a few things that don't fit any wear. so what do you do. i would like to take over the whole house but the extra money is really nice. i guess we just need to do a large D.I. run. that would really clear some things up. i am sure we will figure it out somehow and get our front room back together. i have to have it done by the first for Kirstens birthday. i just got to keep pushing forward.


Jenny said...

If you are taking things to the DI, I'll take all the girl clothes!!!! Dressing up a girl is so much more fun than a boy. Plus if you have any more kiddos you are bound to have a boy... RIGHT?!?

Eric Reimann said...

i hope so