Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy and sad day.

Most probably already know, but our Prophet Gordon B Hinkly passed away yesterday. This news is sad because he was a great man and a strong leader of the church. he as done much that has helped the church grow. i know he got tons of new temples built and 3 million members joined in the 13 years as president. the happy deal is he is with his wife she passed away a few years ago. They were married for over sixty years that is awesome. i hope we all can learn from his great example and keep pressing forward.

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Jenny said...

It was very shocking news to hear of the passing of our dear prophet. I think we all knew it was coming but it still stings the heart. I am sure he is so relived to have the mantle of the church off his shoulders and I am sure he is so happy to be reunited with his sweet wife. He was a great prophet and leader. What a great legacy he left behind. Boy, I bet President Monson is feeling the weight of that mantle.