Thursday, January 17, 2008

The pains of life.

I don't wish to complain but there are just a few pains of life that most of us have to deal with. Natalie and i went to a Fireside last night. The topic was setting a budget and getting out of debt. These have been goals of mine for the last few years. It is just hard for me to tighten the belt. I like my life style. Although to be free and happy i need to get out of all debt. so i am going to take what i learned last night and really try to apply it.

In other news we had to take Kennedy to the doc to see why she is still having symptoms. they would like to put in tube and take out part of her adenoids. this will help her ears drain more properly. I am glad we have the skills to do such things to help. The painful side is the cost of insurance as gone up and the coverage has gone down. This with other medical issues in my family make the above mentioned goal even harder. To me though family heath is aways more important than money. I am glad things have been going better for all the members of my family in the medical sense.


Jenny said...

Yes money is painful. It is overrated.
Anyhow I don't think Kennedy has agnoids to remove. However she might have some adinoids.
Maybe you need tubes in your ears too. Just kidding. Good luck. When is her surgery?

Eric Reimann and family said...

jenny i am not so good at spelling i need a spell checker on this thing.

Jenny said...

It has a spell checker!!! Just FYI