Monday, January 21, 2008

Good weekend.

We had one of those plan Jane good week ends. we kicked the two oldest girls out of the house to go sledding with the aunts and uncles for an over nighter cabin sledding trip. so Natalie and got out and did some fun stop. sad for Natalie though it really put a toll on her back. any how we went out and used some of our Christmas gift cards. i went to the Menes big tall and fat store and found me some pants. i really need to go on a diet i went up a size to keep the comfort around the waste line. sad for me at this rate i will be sporting the hammer pants with dad very soon. no thanks. also jc penny had a close out on stuff so i got a few shirts. then we went to my favorite store Victoria secrets and Natalie got a few new bras. i tried to get her to buy some fun stuff with her gift card but no chance she said. oh well better luck next time for me. then we when to dinner. good food but we were dumb and went to the Mayan and with the auto expo in motion the crowds were large and we had a long wait and not so good seats. we also watch a few movies at home and had a good time. then we spend Sunday after noon at Natalie's dads place for dinner. he was sober and the event was great we visited and watch foot ball very nice. so all and all it was a good week end. our girls came home with report of a fun time with the aunts and uncles if they took pics i will try and get some on here.

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Jenny said...

The hammer pants are not that bad. As long as you don't wear them around your nipples. Can't wait to see the pics.