Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was going to write about this last week.

last week was one of those weeks that had the possibility of being a bad one but turned out to be a great week. first off Natalie's medical condition has been bothering her. bad enough that she wanted to see her doctor. that is a miracle in it self because she hates to spend money on her health she said it costs to much. we went in thinking it could be a big problem. well come to find out that Natalie's colon is actually doing much better just one trouble spot. the doc put her on a few booster meds and i think she will get better. then i had to go to the dentist. first off it was nice because the sun was out and i rode the motorcycle. i had not taken the bike out for a long time and it quite nice to be on the road again. then i got in the chair to get work done so i have a few cavities and 2 broken teeth with the possibility of root canal. so he starts to work and we find out he can crown them with out the root canal. money saved i more good news. then last Saturday mike and i decided to take the bikes out again. it was great but i did get cold. i think i want to take it out more but i need better gear.

also last week bean turned 3 years old. it was sure fun to watch her open gifts and eat cake. i love watching her grow up. happy birthday bean

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Jenny said...

Hope Nan gets feeling better soon. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!