Friday, December 26, 2008

forever and a day ago.

Yesterday was Christmas. first off i just want to say that Santa did not make it until 3 in the morning so we were running off little gas but the girls woke up around 8 and Natalie had to use the ladies room and told them to wait before they went in. Kirsten said that she knew that Santa had come and i ask how she knew did she peek. she said no mom would not let her. i then told her that when i was a kid that i aways peeked. so she went in the living room and came back in the bedroom with a great smile. Natalie was done we went back in and started the paper shredding. the girls had the great smiles and looks on there faces of getting the new stuff. somehow everything we got was what they aways wanted. at least whitters was honest she wanted to know why Santa did not give her the rocking horse. don't know i said i don't think Santa knew. after opening gifts and getting dressed we went over to my mom and dad's for breakfast and more gift giving. the food was great and we had tones of fun mom sure puts on a great party. then we went to Natalie's mom's for more party it was fun as well. we got home and let the girls play some more then we went to bed.

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