Friday, November 14, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra

so last night i took Natalie to the Trans Siberian orchestra concert for her birthday present. i got to tell ya it was probably the best concert i have been to. the music was great. i am a rocker at heart and to get a chance to hear some Christmas and classical music set the awesome electric guitar sound rocks. who says that us dirty rockers don't have class. it just goes to show that and electric guitar sound in a song does not instantly mean the devil is around. also the stage was awesome. lights, lasers, smoke, fire, fireworks it was all there. the stage lights would move around and it made the stage look alive. if nothing else i would have when for the stage. also nobody was smoking. very few people were drunk. i was also with my beautiful wife. she looked great. we also got to spend time with her brother Jeff and his wife Megan it is always fun to hang with them.


Jenny said...

Look at you Mr. Concert!!!

Trans Siberian Orchestra would be so awesome.

Steven & Becky Heumann said...

I want to go! I saw it in the paper, I hope I didn't miss it, was it just one night?

Eric Reimann said...