Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a little camped out

we have done tons of camping this year. i think my tent has had more miles on it this summer than the previous six years. i do like getting out doors but i sometimes want more out of our camping. i mean an rv would help due to those afternoon hot hours. it would be nice to have a place to turn on the ac and sleep, or watch a movie. but the real problem is how much money those cost. i mean i could get a used one and that would be a good idea but the gas to take it anywhere is the problem. i would also like a atv with more trail quality's thy make a side by side that i could put a rear bench in and take all the kids then again more money. i feel i just cannot win. we just need to keep pressing on. try new things and new places.


Jenny said...

It is worth EVERY penny!!!!! Best thing we ever did.
By the way it was really fun camping with you guys.

Eric Reimann said...

ya we should do it more often. i mean mom and dad's camper world deal is awesome.