Wednesday, August 20, 2008

home ownership cont.

well we have put in some effort to start to get some things fixed. we have 2 major problems weeds and gofers. so we decided to fix the weed problem in the flower beds the right way this time. we pulled all the weeds and raked up all the bark and tilled the ground. we then covered the flower beds with that weed stop cloth and then put the bark back. we have one flower bed done one covered and one ready to cover with three more to start. then we need to till up the garden and mow the lawn. we also have some other things in the works to help with the look of the yard. so it is coming along i just now need to keep the motivation. it really depends on my job i think. last night i did not accomplish much due to dumb people at work. i am usually slow to anger but my co workers got me there yesterday i took most of the night to cool down. so we will hit it again tonight and get more done. i mean it is worth it when my hows looks good it makes all the payments worth it.

i have not spent much time lately on my family. things are good for the most part. Natalie finally i think has a handle on her medical conditions. she has some bad days but for the most part she feels good. the girls are growing up fast and we are proud as can be with them. school starts in a week and i think Natalie is so ready to kick the two oldest out of the house. poor bean she is going to miss her buddings for at least a few hours a day. maybe Natalie can take that alone time to get bean to use the toilet. i am so tired of the diapers. all is well and i am grateful for that.

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Jenny said...

Keep up the good work. It will be all worth it.

It will be really nice for Nan when she can have some one on one time with Bean. Plus I am sure Whitters is totally excited to start school.