Friday, August 29, 2008

back to school night

so we had back to school night last night for the girls. we first met kirsten's new teacher. she seems like a great one. she has been teaching at ridgecrest since 84' and we were telling her about Kirsten's allergy's and she had already checked all those things out front the school nurses office. it is great to have teachers on the ball. i think Kirsten will do well in her class. then we went to see Mrs carter she is the kindergarten teacher. we expressed how we don't want to brake whittnee's heart by holding her back so we told her our game plan trying to get her caught up. she also offered some advice in Internet sites and some DVDs from leap frog. i cannot see how she could fail with this kind of support. I'm glad we talked more to the teacher and have a game plan. as for bean still cute as ever. if only she would try to potty train. then all would be complete.

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Jenny said...

What is nan going to do with just bean for a couple of hours during the day. Oh the possibilities!!!