Thursday, September 11, 2008

mike called it peachy

so a week ago Natalie and i decided to get some peaches and make some of our favorite jam. i of coarse decided to go with my mom's world famous peach butter jam. as i was cooking it was bringing in all the old time memories. i remember the last batch my mother made. when it was gone the earth went into the second dark ages. a few years later there was a beam of light and we found one solitary quart in the back of the shelf. it was world war three at the breakfast table the heavenly treat was gone in like 3 pancakes. so at my house there has been a restoration of all things and the peach butter lives on.


Jenny said...

Oh BABY!!! I can taste it through the screen. When can I come over and indulge. I will pay good money for that stuff. I would also fight you to the death for the last jar!!!

Did Natalie like it?

Eric Reimann said...

ya she liked it but she make one of her grandmothers jams and she likes it more probably because it is her memory. we are making more tonight if you want to come over.