Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fall and to lots to do

it feels like i am putting more and more irons in the fire. we have yard clean up, my home and my grandmothers who is going through cancer treatments. i have to get some things done for my mother. i have some more house repairs to and i have to of coarse go to work to make the money to do most of it. so is life i guess.

on the family front all my girls have come down with strep. so on top of the before mentioned we have sick kids to deal with. we also just went through a round of dentist visits. didn't we just pay those people off here we go again. school seems to be going well but whitnee is killing me on the home work. she tested a little behind so we are trying to help her catch up. she has the attention span of less that a second. she is really smart but her hair is blond and it shows sometimes. Kirsten is doing great. i think she actually is starting to like school to the point she wants to excel. i mean she had to stay home this morning because of the strep and she cried because she did not want to stay home.

Natalie and i are good. we have butt heads a little on a few things but things are growing faster in the positive sense. we just seem to live one day at a time.

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Jenny said...

It seems to never slow down. Sorry your girls are sick. Tell them to get better soon for me.