Thursday, February 28, 2008

I lost him.

It is a happy and sad week. I have been working with my brother Steven for the last year at the alignment shop at Quality tire. well last week they decided to move him done to their Orem location. he is now the head of that shop down there. This will be a good move for him. I the sad deal is we have been really busy over the last week and a half and i really miss his hard work ethic.
well i finally got my home computer up and running. I hope i can get more on this page now. i got a picture in finally. you like.


Jenny said...

I love that picture of your family it is so cute. Glad to see you post again. I was missing you.

EvilWaterman said...

Nice pic! Now hopefully we can see you online more

BTW, this comment system sucks. I have to pause after hitting the space bar! :(