Tuesday, February 19, 2008

catching up

it has been awhile since i had a chance to put anything down. so i will fill you in on some good past events. the first good one is i got the chance to go snowmobiling a couple of weeks ago. my mother in law's boss owns a few sleds and a cabin up fairview canyon. he let me ride his new skidoo 800 it was a blast. i did how ever crash. i did not hurt mayself much only my pride and i luckly did no damage to the sled. it was heaven on earth. i hope to get to go out again soon.

also we had the monthly reimann sunday dinner over at our place this month. it was lots of fun we play games and had a good dinner provided by steven and kari. it was a little cramped but when we take over the whole house it will make for great parties i think. i really liked having the family togther. i really wish the family would get together more often.

i am also tired of winter and the colds i brings. yesturday my two oldest girl were throwin up. i just cannot waite for warmer weather. at least kirsten did not miss any school. due to presidents day.

and last of all we found out this week that steven is going to be promoted to the orem store to take over there. it is going to be sad not getting to car pool with him any more. this will be a good deal for him in some of the goals he has.

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Jenny said...

Glad you got to go snowmobilling. It is a lot of fun. Dinner was good too. Imagine if we all had to cram into my little house. Sorry your girls are sick. None of us seem to be well right now. And what are you going to do without Stevie.