Sunday, March 20, 2011

I need to be more like Jenny

i hope she does not mind me saying that but i was up to her house about a week ago and i got to look over her blog that she had made into books. what a cool family history. then i went to a fireside tonight on how to be a better teacher. i thought to myself that some of my favorite lessons had great stories of the past in them. well how could i recall these great past experiences if i don't write them down. plus i don't what to have to recall them when my mind goes away. so i thing i will try this blog thing again. i hope i will be able to do more of this. also i may just randomly put things in here with dates if possible as i remember them so if i go all over the map you will know why.

so this fireside tonight was on how to be a better teacher. i don't think i got a whole lot from what was said. probably due to i have heard most of it before. but the good thing is the spirit was there and it really brought to light some things i have been thinking about. i really want to study better. i want to make sure those i teach in my classes feel the spirit so they will have that change of heart needed to truly follow Christ. of coarse keeping a better family history. and to write down things of my past that i would want to remember.

first off i think we may need to catch up with the last year and a half. things are good. we still live in our home in cottonwood heights. i still work at quality tire as the alignment shop manager. things there are good. the economy is down but i still make a good life for my family there. i cannot believe i have been doing my trade now for over eight years. how the time flies. Natalie is doing well she has gotten here medical stuff in control. i think she really likes being at home, volunteering at the elementary school. she has found some fun side projects, she is helping a neighbor with tax data entry for some side money. she gets up every morning at five to exercises. i am proud and happy for the progress she has made. Kirsten is now ten. she is in fourth grade. she has learned so much and is such a great help around the house and in the family. whitnee is seven. she is in first grade. she is learning math and how to read. she is quite the little artist. and bean is five and has been loving preschool. the newest thing to be a part of our family is we got some chickens from a friend. they produce eggs for us and i feel it is a good learning experience for the kids. the get to learn responsibly and earn a little money on the side. as for me my goals are simple. mostly i just want to get out of debt. i feel it is the biggest burden. but we are making good headway.

well that is a start. lets see how this will go.

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Jenny said...

Don't try to be like me too might just veer off your tracks.

Can't wait to read more.