Saturday, October 11, 2008

winter is comming

it has been a while since i have really put anything down. i really don't have much to report that would be very exciting. so i put winter is coming due to the other day i told myself if the temp drops below forty i would not ride my motorcycle to work and yesterday morning it was thirty-two deg. to cold to ride. i had to then go out and of coarse the Honda will not start due to a dead battery. i jump start the car drive it in and i had to put a new battery in it. driving the Honda to work not fun and it brought forth work and money spending. oh well it is a good car if i can get five more years i would be very happy.

last night bean(Kennedy) was playing and making noise instead of going to bed. i did not make much of a fuss because she was staying in her bed so i thought. any way all was quiet and i thought that she had finally decided to go to sleep. and a few hours later she started to cry. i went in and checked on her and gave her a hug. well she felt slimy. i look her over and it looks like she has some cream on her hands and she got it on my shirt. i asked her where she got the cream and she plead the fifth. i then turned the light on an looked around and she had smeared butt paste on the dresser, the alarm clock. the piggy bank and a few other things. oh i thought i was going to kill her. i was pretty hard on the three year old. but all is well i talked to her this morning and she still loves me and promised not to play with the butt stuff any more. we shall see.

also yesterday Kirsten's school bus got in a car wreck with all the kids on it. when Natalie called she said Kirsten was pretty upset about it but when i got home she was telling me how cool it was. i guess kids want to be tuff for dad.

well i guess there was more to report than what i thought it is Natalie's birthday tomorrow so happy birth day Natalie love ya.

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